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Our Preschool

Early years development is critical in building the foundation for a happy future. Preschool education provides children the environment to develop essential life skills and foster mental development.

Mom's Kids offers progressive early years education that focuses on the holistic development of young minds. The philosophy of Mom's Kids recognizes and cherishes individuality of each child, encouraging them to discover their passion and interest at an early age.

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Our vision is to empower our students to become lifelong learners who are socially responsible, emotionally intelligent, and globally aware.


Our school aims to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can develop their full potential through an enriching and holistic education.



We believe in a child-centered approach to learning that emphasizes inquiry, diversity, and social justice, and nurtures the whole child's intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

At Mom's Kids, the emphasis is on building the right foundation for the child every day through play activities and collaborative group work. Highly trained staff, premium child-friendly infrastructure, an acute focus on quality control and evaluation ensures a high-quality experience for children and their parents at our preschool. We believe that each child is unique and we aim to help them become happy, social and confident children.